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Analog photography has always been genuine, real and direct in my opinion. The chemical process, the smell of fixer on the hands and the limited images is „real“ photography for me. The possibility to fail, to make mistakes and that the results are never predictable make the pictures so valuable for me. Analog photography is more selected, the process so wonderfully physical.

The collodion-wet-plate-technique is even more consistent in this regard. Genuine, unique pieces are created on valuable handcrafted black glass. Unique pieces that I manufacture with a technique invented in 1851 – with a camera from around 1890 named Albert. To work with collodium mainly means to work intuitive. This technique has an incredible number of mistakes and I find every day more. And yet – a finished plate shows what I saw. It’s unchanged, unadulterated, real.

Perpetuated on a unique plate, a unique piece.